Who we are.

Life Care E.M.S is a privately owned A.C.L.S/B.L.S emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport company.  Life Care E.M.S is here to serve your local community with our transport services. We are 911 compliant and are able to be a primary or secondary E.M.S responder based on the area in which we serve.  We are state licensed and our units are Star of Life Certified.

What we do.

We transport patients with our fully equipped and staffed Ambulances to your medical appointments. We provide inter-city hospital transfers as well as dialysis appointments.  We provide transport for assisted living facilities and patients needing a higher level of care going to and from their medical appointments.

Why Life Care?

  • We understand and respect the situations our services are needed for. 
  • We go the extra step to provide care and comfort to the patient.
  • We arrive on time in our clean and fresh units. 
  • We always have fresh supplies on our units and will never have to ask the facility we serve for anything.
  • Our units are staffed with compasionate and proficient E.M.T’s and Paramedics.
  • Our staff will always be professional and sharp.
  • Our units are equipped with a Life-Pak 12 and Ventilators as needed. 
  • Our units have full duplex communications with your local Hospital Emergency Room.
  • We make sure the patient is treated with the utmost of dignity and is comfortable, they will be covered and treated with compassion and handled with care. 
  • It is our standard to ensure our unit is in contact with the facility we service before, during and after the patient has been transported.
  • Your patient will always arrive on time and in the best possible hands.

Where We Came From.

Starting with one truck and a passion to serve… our owner Mr. Mike Pistole saw a need for a high quality ambulance transport service in his local area.  Mike’s vision was to never be bigger, just better… and to serve with compassion and Christian values.  Mike’s level of compassion and professionalism was well received by his local community and quickly became the industry standard by which others were measured.  Twenty-four years later he had grown to over 1000 employees and over 250 units on the roads daily. Life Ambulance became the largest ambulance transport company in the state of Ohio. Mike never once took his hand  “off the wheel”… his relentless pursuit of perfection and patient compassion made his business a staple in his community and the State of Ohio.

Our Team

Owner/CEO - Mike Pistole
Owner/President - Malissa Pistole
Chief Financial Officer / Office Manager - Allison Dotson
Director of Business Development - Dan Klug
Medical Director - Dr. Rama
Medical Director - Dr. Kalister

We look forward to working with you, for more information contact us